Croatia: Eastern European Paradise

Croatia is a romantic destination, but also great for backpackers and lovers of craft beer and wine. A trip to this Eastern European gem makes for an inexpensive island vacation. I’d recently met a girl from London and we spent roughly two weeks traveling around Croatia, from the capital of Zagreb through rural Slavonia and down…

Bulgaria, Land of Roses

    Over a very long weekend last Spring, Evan and I flew from Israel to Bulgaria, rented a car, and drove all over the Western part of the country. Nowhere I’ve visited is as underrated as Bulgaria, what a beautiful and seemingly untouched place! Sofia Bulgaria’s quiet capital is set in a picturesque mountainous…

Plovdiv, Europe’s 2019 Capital of Culture

Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv, is set to be 2019’s European Capital of Culture. The EU’s ‘Capital of Culture’ program picks a city each year to host traditional and pan-European events, and in turn, helps to revitalize the city and increase tourism. Plodiv’s major attraction is its sprawling old town, which consists mainly of traditional…

A Week in Transylvania

Transylvania, Romania’s central region, is not as spooky as it is portrayed in the book ‘Dracula’. The region charms visitors with its medieval towns, iconic castles, and opulent churches. And no, there aren’t any vampires here… at least, that’s what they say.

6 Sights in Sarajevo

Bosnia’s capital city, Sarajevo, is truly where East meets West. Here, humble wooden Ottoman shops juxtapose the luxurious Austro-Hungarian residences in the old town. Further down into the new city, are Sarajevo’s gritty communist blocs, alive with bars, the art scene, and the U.N.’s permanent mission to Bosnia.

Serbia: The Heart of the Balkans

Many tourists skip the Balkans, thinking that it’s dangerous, or that there’s nothing worth seeing. The Balkan years ended over a decade ago, so the region is completely safe and there are a million things worth seeing! Serbia is the heart of it all, and a great place to start. Belgrade

A weekend on Lake Ohrid, the “Balkan Pearl”

Ohrid, a town in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, is a popular tourist destination for Eastern Europeans, for its affordability and range of activities. The entire town and lake of Ohrid are UNESCO World Heritage sites, for their ancient cultural significance and natural beauty.

Albania: Land of Eagles

Albania is one of Europe’s many hidden gems, and a frugal traveler favorite. From the Northern lakes and mountains to the Southern Riviera, Albania’s landscapes are nearly untouched. Ottoman villages made of stone and wood are scattered throughout the country, built on Illyrian ruins, contrasting Communist-era Tirana, Albania’s trendy capital. Despite all of Albania’s attractions,…

Not just Paris: Five other French cities

Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world, without a doubt. But there’s a lot more to France than simply Paris. Here are five other French cities worth visiting:

Put Bucharest on Your List

Bucharest, like many capital cities in Eastern Europe, is often overlooked. When I told people I was going to Bucharest, they asked me, “Why would you go there?”. Even in Romania, passing travelers told me to skip it. I didn’t have a choice, I was flying out from Bucharest and ending my three-month long Balkan…