Days in the Desert: Egypt’s Siwa Oasis

Don’t let the 12-hour overnight bus-ride from Cairo be a deterrent: Siwa, an oasis town in the Sahara desert near the Libyan border, is an enchanting place with dozens of natural hot and cold springs and ancient ruins.

A Week in South Sinai, Egypt

When most people think of Egypt, they think of the Pyramids, mummies, and ancient gods. Across the Suez Canal from ‘mainland’ Egypt lies an entire region of the country that is often forgotten, with a very different culture. The Sinai peninsula, which connects Egypt to Israel-Palestine, is rich in history, as well as natural wonders. South…

Christmas in the Holy Land

Traveling to the Israeli-occupied Palestinian ‘West Bank’ isn’t on everyone’s Christmas list. However, over one million people make the pilgrimage to Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ was born, every year. 

Weekends in the West Bank: Ramallah and Bethlehem

While studying abroad in Israel-Palestine, I’ve taken a few weekends to visit the West Bank. The West Bank is a Palestinian territory that has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967. But let’s put politics aside and focus on some of the great cities and sights in this misrepresented area of the world! On my…